checking oil level

Just an update

When you change or checking your oil or add oil to your car make sure ITS BETWEEN the HIGH and Low. If you have it on HIGH all the time you are putting pressure on the seals and it will give way.

If you have too much oil in the engine it will damage the engine or bust a seal. Let the car cool down and make sure its on a level road and check the oil again.

locking your key in the car

hi all so yes it happens from time to time mostly on older cars but it can still happen we can get into most car it may take some time but this week we had to get a customer back home after locking key in the car
have to say as it was something i use to have to do a lot of but not now so was a bit rusty but it like riding a bike
so we can take on all types of jobs

wolfsbane autos window decals

so wolfsbane have new window decals if you would like one of them or

are intersted please ask us for info on this new item

wolfsbane autos window decals can be fitted and removed to be refitted to your new car or just if you want to change there place

free with every service if you want one just ask


abs sensors fault

We are finding a lot of cars are having problems with there abs sensors

This is an important part of the cars braking system

if you find an abs or traction control light coming on and off of you car

it sometime spotting it early can help with the repair cost as other part haven’t been damaged due to the abs not working correctly

give use a call and we will try to help best we can

Vehicles Lights

hi so just a pointer

if you think it is safe and ok to drive around with light out its NOT

many cars are having a headlight out and side light or even brake light

this can lead to accidents or worse

if you cant see where you are going in the dark it is only a matter of time before something happens

and garage can change a bulb and its not that expensive so just check your light and look after yourself…….it’s cheaper than a fine!

Transit van owners beware

Police say there is a particular problem with Ford Transit vans made since 2010. Such models have been the targets in more than seven out of ten thefts.

Officers, who believe most of the stolen vehicles are then broken up for parts, are writing to all known Transit van owners to warn them about the issue.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Thomas, who is in charge of an investigation into the crime spate codenamed Operation Hewton, said: “It centres around a small organised crime group. There are distinct groups in Leeds and Bradford that are driving this.”

He said thieves were managing to take the vehicles without breaking into them.

“They are either cloning keys or using skeleton keys – a locksmith’s type key – to get in, while using jamming equipment to block the signal for the immobiliser and alarm system and are getting away without leaving any broken glass or taking the owner’s key.”

So just an update to all ford transit owners
vans are being stolen in the West Yorkshire area with out needing your key
to help minimize this you can have an after market alarm fitted
and or a obd socket lock box so they can not get access to the cars ecu to help them steel it

Wolfsbane Auto does fit both of the security measures
it is up to you how far you want to go

for any question contact us on 07525012333

Sorry for any inconvenience

I would like to apologiser to anyone own my be inconvenienced by this but
my little dog is not well and need to go in and out of the vet for test to find out what’s wrong
im sorry if we have to rebook you or change are times
but I think most people will understand she cant tell us where it hurts or how bad it is

I would also thank

for looking after us


work has been going well for the past few months would like to thank everyone who helps advertise for us

also would like to thank rdc dog training for helping us with are security crew there doing much better

and maybe even lisening more nar maybe not howell wood walk 133

opening times

Monday to Friday 8:30 till 17:00
Saturday 9:00 till 12:00

Hi so just to let everyone know we are not open on a Sunday as this is the only day we get to spend time with our family

also the parts company’s we use are closed and we not keep
part in stock