Transit van owners beware

Police say there is a particular problem with Ford Transit vans made since 2010. Such models have been the targets in more than seven out of ten thefts.

Officers, who believe most of the stolen vehicles are then broken up for parts, are writing to all known Transit van owners to warn them about the issue.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Thomas, who is in charge of an investigation into the crime spate codenamed Operation Hewton, said: “It centres around a small organised crime group. There are distinct groups in Leeds and Bradford that are driving this.”

He said thieves were managing to take the vehicles without breaking into them.

“They are either cloning keys or using skeleton keys – a locksmith’s type key – to get in, while using jamming equipment to block the signal for the immobiliser and alarm system and are getting away without leaving any broken glass or taking the owner’s key.”

So just an update to all ford transit owners
vans are being stolen in the West Yorkshire area with out needing your key
to help minimize this you can have an after market alarm fitted
and or a obd socket lock box so they can not get access to the cars ecu to help them steel it

Wolfsbane Auto does fit both of the security measures
it is up to you how far you want to go

for any question contact us on 07525012333